Play-Fi. Music is home.

Play-Fi technology brings music out of our headphones, and back where it belongs – in your home. Enjoy music in your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom, and beyond. Play-Fi technology works over standard Wi-Fi networks, which means you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or home audio system wirelessly. Use the free Play-Fi app to set up, link and control speakers around the house. Stream your own content, or choose from a variety of leading global music services. It’s all at you.

Multi-room, multi-tune functionality.

With Play-Fi, you can play different songs in every room or play one perfectly synced track through the entire house. Whatever you choose, you’re always in full-control.

Play-Fi lifestyle
Play-Fi lifestyle
Play-Fi lifestyle
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Freedom of Sound

With a range of Play-Fi enabled speaker brands already available, you can experience freedom to hear music just the way you like it. And with Android, iOS and Windows compatibility that means you can experience Play-Fi from just about any device.

Quality Sound Experience

Listen to music the way it was meant to be heard. Unlike Bluetooth, where music files are compressed and the sound quality is compromised, Play-Fi has no lag, and zero loss in sound quality.

Easy to Set Up. Simple to Use.

No log-ins or complicated set-ups. With the touch of a button on your mobile device, Play-Fi is ready within minutes to stream music to any room in the house.

Interruption-free zone.

With Play-Fi, only your music is able to stream to the speakers. So that means no notification sounds or interruptions from your mobile phone. Through PlayFi’s easy-to-configure settings, you can decide exactly how you want to listen. And because it works over wi-fi and not Bluetooth, you and your device are free to move anywhere around the house.

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Play from any digital source.

Play-Fi not only allows you to play from your own personal music collection, but it can also play from a variety of leading global music services like Pandora, Deezer, OOMusic and even your favorite internet radio station, then stream it to any Play-Fi speaker you have at home.