We make over 2.5 billion devices sound better

Believe everything you hear.

Only when audio output is exceptional, can your movie, music or gaming experience become truly immersive. Since our beginning, we have never substituted audio quality for convenience, and we never will. No matter what device you’re using, we provide the finest audio experience possible. At DTS, we believe that sound matters. All you have to do is listen.

A history of sound innovations.

In 1990, DTS burst onto the scene with its master-quality sound of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, Jurassic Park. Ever since, motion picture sound has changed forever. Today, every major film studio in the United States uses DTS multi-channel digital sound, and virtually all major Hollywood feature films are released in DTS format.

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Professional audio technology for our everyday use.

From your own home theater system, to computers and laptops, to the ubiquitous smartphone, DTS has made unsurpassed audio quality accessible to everyone. Our latest innovations are revolutionizing the way we listen to audio through our headphones, with Headphone:X; and how we experience music at home, with Play-Fi.

woman wearing Headphone:X headphones

Headphone:X – surround sound now available to go.

Imagine there was an audio technology that could faithfully reproduce multi-speaker surround sound through headphones. Any pair of headphones. Whether it’s your music, movies or games, Headphone:X brings this technology to life, by simulating the 3D environment of the audio’s original mixing stage.

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Play-Fi lifestyle
Play-Fi lifestyle
Play-Fi lifestyle


DTS Play-Fi is the wireless streaming technology that brings all the music from your mobile device to your speakers at home. You can play different songs in every room or play one perfectly synced track throughout the entire house. Music is streamed wirelessly over standard wi-fi networks from any connected device. And no other technology allows you to play your tunes through a variety of Play-Fi enabled speaker brands.

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